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Old Time Fabrics' pre cut kits are extraordinary in many ways. The primary cutting is done for you, then you do the strip piecing and the secondary cutting.  Some kits require no cutting on your part. In many cases you can bring your completed strip sets back to the shop for secondary cutting. 

For the best experience with pre cut kits we recommend that you come to the shop, choose your pattern, then choose your fabrics. Give us a couple of days to do your cutting, then pick up your kit. This gives you the opportunity to totally design your quilt. We can provide you with a computer generated picture of what your kit will look like when complete. 

All kits will include everything you need to make the quilt top, even the binding. You will receive a computer generated picture of what your kit will look like, the pattern or directions and any assistance you might need to complete your project.

Kits range from as low as $50.00 to as high as $150.00. The cost depends on the size of the quilt, and the expense of the fabric you choose.  Nearly all of the quilts you see on this web sites began their lives as Old Time Fabrics' pre cut kits!

These photos show examples of what the precut kits look like. This is a stair step pattern from Maywood Studios' Welcome Home collection. It has a 2 inch interior border and a 10 inch outside border. Matching Binding is included. There is an instruction sheet too. This kit retails for about $100.00 depending upon the size requested. 

The kit below is an example of our Old Time Chain pattern. Queen Size, Maywood Studios' Welcome Home Collection. This kit retails for $130.00.